Commercial Blinds Specialists
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We have worked with many clients throughout the UK and have experience working with a wide range of industry sectors, allowing us to provide tailor made soloutions in your their organisation. Some of our clients in the UK include:

A - C             G - I             N - P             U - Z
Alterian Technology             Global Bet Brokers             New Southgate Cemetery             University of Chester
Assetgrove             Hamels Consultants LLP             Newcome Property Services             William Verry Construction
Castle Blair Ltd             Homes & Mortgages             North Bute Primary School             YMCA
City Arts (Nottingham) Ltd             Interface             Parnell House              
              Island Day Programme             Pilgrims Way Primary School              
City of London Police                           PPG              
- Wood Street                           PT Lighting              
- Bishopsgate             J - M                            
- Victoria Street             James Johnson                            
              Job Centre Plus             S - T              
Community Links New Deal             Leon Jaeggi & Sons Ltd             Sainsburys              
              Median Recruitment             Shared Intelligence              
              Metronet Rew Stores             Somerfield Stores              
D - F             Metropolitan Police             Sparkes Potter Mason              
Dyson             Mokum Change Management Ltd             Stanhope Surgery              
-Head Office             Mowlem & Co             Stonehouse Estates              
-Press Office                           Tate Residential              
-Kings Road                           Telemark Ltd              
                            Terlis Construction              
Eden Club                           The Summit              
Fineman Ross                           Tradecarfe PLC              
Fit Out (UK) Ltd